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JO&CO Fashion Agency is a no-nonsense Fashion Agency in Antwerp. We distribute mainstream priced fashion brands with NO mainstream attitude. Professionalism combined with a personal touch, that's our signature.
Foto showroom bovenste verdiep JO&CO Agency
Foto showroom trap JO&CO Agency
Foto showroom achteraan JO&CO Agency

Our values

Our brands get and deserve the attention they need. It's our task to give them an important place between the other brands. That's why we select our partners carefully, without losing the main perspective : the cooperation. No customers, but partners! 

JO&CO stands for fashion with attractive prices. The price isn't the key, the brand must have a strong identity. With this in mind we search and select the right partners. Without any doubt we can say that loyalty is our most respected and most important value. JO&CO invests in people and brands to accomplish growth.


Don't forget to check out our brand page for more information. 

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