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We have a clear message: dress how you are, how you feel, how you live. Strengthen your identity, express your essence and take care of your surroundings.
We support being an active part of the change we want to see and we encourage you to consume in a conscious and responsible way.
A brand that creates for women that wish to embrace a unique design, inspired by art and culture, with a timeless, comfortable and functional style.
A fashion brand based in Basque Country. Focused on woman looking for unique designs, exclusive prints and a wide range of products. SKFK's casual style blends comfort and creativity.
Our clothes are inspired by the principles of organic geometry: we observe and reinterpret nature. Without loosing sight on our essence. In SKFK we are pioneers: We were the first GOTS and Fairtrade certified fashion brand in Spain. We are present all over the world. With stores and sales sites in more than 20 countries.


SS23 (preview)

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